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Here is a list of links to various piano related web sites.  These can be very useful as you research for a new (or new to you) piano.  The list will be continuously expanded and  updated. (suggestions via email is encouraged)


Piano Company

Piano Company


BALDWIN  Baldwin Piano Corp.

BOESENDORFER  Boesendorfer Company.

KAWAI  Kawai US Company

MASON & HAMLIN - Mason & Hamlin Piano

PETROF  Petrof Pianos

PIANODISC  Pianodisc Corp


SCHIMMEL  Schimmel pianos

STEINWAY & BOSTON -Steinway Piano Corp.

STORY & CLARK  Story & Clark, Pianomation

CHARLES WALTER  Charles R. Walter Piano Co.

YAMAHA   Yamaha Corp. - Pianos

YOUNG CHANG  Young Chang Piano Corp.


Buying & Selling a Piano  -  a page with some of  pianoguru's observations and suggestions


THE PIANO BOOK   - an absolute must for buying or selling a piano

THAT  PIANO PLACE  - A good local (SF Bay area) reference for used pianos and advice

PIANO MART  - Large selection of used pianos (How much is your piano worth?? check here for some ideas)

PIANO SHOP - some useful advice from a UK site

PIANO BROKER - some used pianos


DAMPP-CHASER   (Humidity & temperature control) 


Download Sheet Music

Music Store - Page with various music items for gifts, etc. with links to the commercial sites

 Classical, Jazz & Opera Music News  - News, interviews, music downloads

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